Commitment to Understanding

You deserve better research. That means the intensity, richness, involvement, and throughness of your research needs to evolve to meet the new challenges of your business. Dedicated to preserving the integrity of your primary research, PhiPower strives to capture data in new ways, identify and bring to life implications in your data, and more persuasively communicate a clearer course of action for your business.

Our Services

Really helpful Full Service

PhiPower’s technique is specifically designed to cultivate and then leverage the creative breakthroughs that come from collaborating with you and your research objectives.   With each engagement comes a unique set of priorities and challenges that require an equally unique configuration of instruments and methodologies.   This is where we thrive.   We invite you to experience first hand how PhiPower can craft the right research program to deliver the understanding and guidance your company deserves.



Phi reports take a stance — if there is evidence that the results are strong, moderate, weak, or inconclusive, we say so, and we also convey confidence levels; particularly with new offerings, Phi is careful to maintain a nurturing environment, working closely with development and creative teams to overcome initial issues and bolster strengths.

Data Processing

Phi’s data processing experts regularly respond to the demanding needs of Ph.D.-level clients; detailed cross-tabulation reports are always available to clients with full significance testing; open-end coding is provided by trained and experienced coders; double coding is available.

Significance Testing

Full stat testing provided (typically at 95th confidence level).

Norms + Test-Beds

Test beds (sampling frame and questions) can include a consistent framework, so powerful, evaluative norms can be developed; augmented sampling and ad hoc questions can also tailor diagnostic testing to address a variety of properties; norms can level playing fields (for example, when some segments are “high raters”), and can provide clarity when different types of properties routinely score at different levels.

Qualitative, Coding + Content Analysis

Better understand the “hows” and “whys” of people’s thoughts, capture the words that they use to describe topics of interest, and, when appropriate, quantify the themes using experienced coders and formal content analysis techniques.

Visual Conjoint

Using Phi’s visual conjoint approach, allow respondents to look at three or four competitive products or services, displaying each as layers built in real time with callouts to make details meaningful; identify which they prefer and if they would actually purchase the winner; include an optional “what-if” simulator.

What-If Simulators + Data Dashboard

Gain immediate access to meaningful results via custom data dashboards; “What-if” simulators can, for example, interpolate “take rates” for different prices.

Price Elasticity

Identify the ideal price for your products or services.


Walk through the decision process, and learn, step by step, what customers prefer; with these early insights, development can be streamlined without sacrificing relevance; monadic testing can also identify the best approach even if the approaches are very similar.

Validate + Recontact

As done with Phi legal-support studies, conduct an online survey, and then recontact respondents by telephone; in addition to providing an additional layer of quality assurance, this can provide quasi-behavioral measures (those who followed through to buy or watch).

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Develop and maintain key performance indicators; KPIs can be validated against market performance, and can be tie performance to compensation/benefits.


Phi shuns “black boxes,” and openly shares its analytics, algorithms, and rationale.


Secure clinics

Conduct “clinics” in secure settings (protected from cameras, screen saves, and internet postings) to showcase new concepts and designs and elicit neutral feedback from screened and qualified respondents; vehicles and prototypes can be presented in person, and feedback gathered via controlled and protected online instruments.

Concept Pre-Testing

Pre-test new concepts via GuidedTours™ (images with animation and narration), simulations, and Phi’s ProductOptimizer™ (start with monadic positioning statements, and then introduce images).

Feature Evaluation

Identify the features that prospects value the most; first identify prospects; next, narrow the field to those who qualify for a specific type of car, truck, recreational vehicle, or motorcycle; with visuals, identify features respondents consider “reasons to buy;” and then, introducing scarcity (a ranker) or “build-your-own” capability, identify which features likely buyers consider the most important to them.

360 Immersion

Allow respondents to see and explore an environment such as the interior of a car, a dealership, or a location such as a town populated with competing vehicles; provide ability to pan and zoom.

Respondents Can Build-Their-Own

Learn about buyer preferences and what they are thinking by giving them interactive tools that allow them to build-their-own vehicles, and provide candid feedback (with valences) to describe in their own words what they consider turn-ons and turn-offs.

Advertising Research

Monadically present advertising, in any medium, to determine which is the most persuasive, and puts the brand and models in the best light; can blend quantitative and qualitative.

Segmentation Studies

Profile likely buyers and influencers, and identify key drivers when making purchase decision; full/360 translation services (questionnaires and verbatim comments) are available; through partnerships, targeted samples are available online and via telephone.

International Research

Test different vehicle designs, features, names, logos, and advertising in a variety of countries to optimize and confirm that “culturally correct.”

Brand Extensions

If your organization is considering a brand extension (or co-branding), under controlled conditions, get an advanced indication of receptivity and resistance (are brands “naturals” or “oil & water?”).

Logo Testing

Test different marks in a competitive environment; learn what perceptions, if any, are conveyed by a logo under consideration.

Website + UI Testing

Test current websites, and new designs under consideration; via rollover comparisons, respondents can see and compare alternative website designs; Directed Behavior exercises (aka, Where’s Waldo exercises) and timers can pre-test UI for different configurations.

Tracking Research

With rolling averages (quarterly or monthly), and images to aid recall and improve response rates, monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and position along Funnel; increase efficiency and reduce work load via optional data dashboards.



Surveys conducted to highest standards (often presented in court, successfully, for high-profile cases with many millions of dollars at stake); intuitive and engaging UI effectively used with respondents from the age of 3 (e.g., Sesame Workshop, Crayola, PBS KIDS Sprout) through seniors (AARP); multiple languages; industry-low drop rates (low single digits); and extremely high test-retest reliability.

Fast + Efficient

Typical surveys take 2-3 wks. from agreement to report delivery; rapidly designed, prepared, and QA`d in-house; processing, analysis, reporting, and client changes are made and QA’d fast and in-house; fielding can be completed as quickly as necessary; Master Service Agreements and Rate Cards can expedite the approval process and save time and money; data dashboards can put ad hoc results at your fingertips.


Truly full-service, Phi’s in-house graphic artists, artists, animators, and programmers can bring your products, services, and ideas to life with or without client-provided stimuli or images; Phi closely monitors data collection so you do not need to (updates are at your schedule); reports use appropriate style, and typically require no changes.


Senior staff are readily available by email and phone, and typically provide what is needed almost immediately; via decades-long partnerships, Phi can rapidly scale to accommodate specialized tasks (e.g., telephone or in-person recruiting, and 360 translation).


Full-screen images, and fully-produced simulations provide vivid and realistic experiences allowing respondents, for example, to “experience” a website before it is programmed; page through a virtual newspaper or magazine; look at a cluttered shelf, “take” a product, turn the package, and enlarge small print.


While capturing a great deal of information, surveys are typically 10-minutes, to-the-point with minimal repetition, and interactively involving; respondents typically enjoy seeing and experiencing materials and providing candid feedback.

Seasoned Innovator

Putting reliability before novelty, Phi is a research pioneer; senior staff started doing online surveys in 1997, designed and implemented Phi’s Flash-based survey engine in 2006, and continues to create research procedures and standards that lead the industry and are copied by other suppliers.


Impressive track record with high test-retest consistency/reliability, filling hard-to-reach/low-incidence samples screened by proprietary questions and providing face validity (e.g., knowledgeable answers to unaided questions, and logical response patterns); experimental designs supported by matched sub-samples built via real-time loadbalancing; behavioral measures support attitudinal and perceptual feedback.


Proprietary, passive digital fingerprinting (and, respectfully, no cookies) repeatedly finds and excludes “pros” who slip through panel providers’ security procedures and systems; in-person interviewing in secure interviewing sites addresses concerns that new development projects will be printed, photographed, emailed, or posted.


Research results are as granular as needed; an executive summary with charts and recommendations may be prepared for the boardroom, while the front line workers and creative agencies receive far more detailed results and guidance.

Boardroom Ready Reports

Lingo is minimized, meaningful (and statistically significant) results are charted and pointed out, and founded and actionable recommendations are provided.

Cost Effective

Flat rates are very competitively priced; having been research buyers, we refuse to nickel and dime for changes and often pro-actively recommend and deliver enhancements at no charge; as a virtual company with its own talent and proprietary survey engine, overhead is low and savings are passed on to clients.

Content Creators + Broadcasters

Content Testing

Present full-length programs, rough cuts, or presentations (clips with Voice Over, animatics/simulations with animation and voice over); compensate for known sources of bias (e.g., social desirability, differences by genre and audience); present television, online, mobile, or print content; Phi’s experience in program testing rivals any in the industry; leaders in ratings and awards are supported by PhiPower.

Promo + Ad Testing

Get “clean” monadic readings to identify the best version; isolate strengths and hurdles; profile likely viewers and how to best attract them; experience very quick turnaround from delivery of material to delivery of results; test in-home, or, if security is crucial, in secure locations distributed around the country.

Tracking Research

Monitor awareness, viewership, and viewing intent/affinity over time with robust interviewing periods, visual reminders, rolling averages, and interactive data dashboards.

Website + UI Testing

Whether finished or still in the concept/design stage, present your website, designs, and content via Phi’s survey engine; identify strengths, hurdles, and visitor preferences.

Concept Testing

Conduct concept testing with HiLitedReading™ (text & Voice Over), or a GuidedTour™ (images with animation and Voice Over); can identify elements of appeal to guide development and promotion, and insights for casting, location, story direction.

Title Testing

Capture the “intrinsic appeal” of each title or name (a “cold” reading before the concept is revealed), and confirm “fit” (that the name matches the concept).

Talent Evaluation

Provide a context, and then, monadically, present “talent test reels” to identify which talent “pops”.

Performer Popularity

Measure awareness and appeal for a wide array of performers, each presented with their name, photographs, and credits.

Omnibus Surveys

Efficiently test a variety of topics in a single study; for example, cover concepts, performer popularity, and title testing.

Children’s and Teen’s Research

PhiPower is very experienced testing programming (television, mobile, and online) with children as young as the age of three (with parental support).

Schedule Testing

After the networks’ “up-front” announcements, provide viewers with a means to quickly see what is going to be on and when, get a reminder about returning shows and learn about new programs, and indicate what they are most apt to watch for each prime-time time period (Fall and Spring); get readings on new match-ups before they air; profile likely audiences; look for flow.

Contingency Research

If you suspect a crisis may occur, what might your organization do to protect itself? Pretest contingency scenarios to determine the best course of action.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Concept + Prototype Testing

Monadically test different concepts, prototypes, and positioning statements to identify the strongest, spot key strengths, profile receptive buyers, and guide messaging; new and complex ideas can be presented in a consumer-friendly way via GuidedTours™ (images, animation, and Voice Over).

Feature Evaluation

Every product has multiple features, but which are the most important and deserve to be “front and center?” Present an array of features in random order, made clear with images and copy, get perceived importance for each one, and, of the important ones, get them ranked to identify which are considered the most important.

Respondents Can Build-Their-Own

Rather than forcing final products or package designs on consumers, give them alternatives and see which they prefer; optionally show them price implications to better anticipate what consumers are and are not willing to pay for.

Advertising Research

Monadically test different advertising, in their respective media, and determine which version is the most persuasive; gather pre-exposure measures, post-exposure measures, and calculate “lift;” look at messages and perceptions from each approach.

Package + Claims

Determine which package design fares the best, and the elements that are liked the best (and which, if any, they wish did not appear); Examine which claims are most impactful, and the meaning each conveys.

Immersive + Virtual

Pre-test package designs in a cluttered immersive environment such as a realistic store; monitor monadically which products are removed from the virtual display shelf, how long each was examined, if they were turned over, if details were enlarged, and and if placed in the virtual shopping cart; ClickScreenTM can also measure components to determine which are particularly liked and which, if any, are turnoffs.

Visual Conjoint

Using Phi’s visual conjoint approach, allow respondents to look at three or four competitive products or services, displaying each as layers built in real time with callouts to make details meaningful; identify which they prefer and if they would actually purchase the winner; include an optional “what-if” simulator.

Pricing Research

Pricing research can be conducted through sophisticated choice modeling, via “clean” monadic tests, and in conjunction with positioning and optimization studies.

Qualitative, Coding + Content Analysis

Better understand the “hows” and “whys” of people’s thoughts, capture the words that they use to describe topics of interest, and, when appropriate, quantify the themes using experienced coders and formal content analysis techniques.

Int’l + Multicultural Research

Test different product and packaging designs, features, names, logos, and advertising in a variety of countries to optimize and confirm that “culturally correct;” full / 360 translation services option for surveys and verbatims; through partners, multi-cultural samples available domestically and internationally.

Tracking Research

With rolling averages (quarterly or monthly), and images to aid recall and improve response rates, monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); increase efficiency and reduce work load via optional data dashboards.

Boardroom-Ready Reports

Using an appropriate style for your organization, PhiPower delivers reports that are easily understood, with the right amount of information (we prefer to “cut to the chase” and convey what is meaningful), “tell it like it is” (we honestly report what we see in the data), and provide big-picture perspective and specific, founded recommendations.

Data Collection

Experimental Designs

Combination of matched sub-samples and controlled exposures (e.g., test and control conditions) provide a reliable test bed of significance.

Highly Visual

In-house graphic artists; visual aids / prompts bring ideas and text to life.

Realistic Simulations

Even before websites or products are built, respondents can see and react to realistic simulations; monadic tests can identify the most effective version and the reasons why.


Instead of repetitious choice exercises, respondents can intuitively “build-their-own” product/package/brochure/ad/website.

Guided Tours

Complex and new concepts can be presented in more immersive and engaging ways with rich media interactivity and voice over.

Online Surveys

PhiPower’s proprietary survey engine, built “from scratch” in-house is extremely reliable (typically less than 1% report encountering a technical problem); fast (images are served in the background so they appear immediately); rich (surveys typically include images, animation, audio, and video); and use conversational logic.


Via CASRO-certified partner with extensive experience and resources, very large and demanding telephone surveys or recruiting can be completed domestically and/or internationally.


Taking advantage of the real estate on a computer screen, present a simulated cell phone with mobile content or services framed on the simulated screen; Phi can program the simulated app to be interactive to test designs and content before they are programmed for the market; testing can use full randomization to mitigate order effects, and experimental (monadic) designs to eliminate them.

Secure One-on-Ones

Conducted in secure locations, away from cameras, printers, and screen-saves, respondents can see, hear, taste, smell, touch your prototypes.

Behavioral Tracking

Subtle behavioral measures, such as time-spent, supplement voiced expressions and attitudes.

Advanced Security

Without violating Phi’s highly respectful privacy policy (Phi does not “cookie” respondents or use hidden gifs), Phi’s proprietary passive digital fingerprinting is superior to the security used by panel providers; it spots “professionals” who have “gamed” the system trying to take a survey more than once.

Highlighted Reading

Get respondents to slow down and pay attention to your copy via High-lighted Reading; with a simple pointer and voice over, respondents can listen to the narrator and read along with the text.

Legal Support

Expert Witness Support

For ten years until he sadly died in 2018, phiPower completed over 100 studies and assisted with virtually all of Doctor Jacob (“Jack”) Jacoby’s research.  Jack was identified as a legend in the field of consumer research, and the leading authority in litigation surveys; the American Bar Association recently commissioned and published his massive treatise, Trademark Surveys.   phiPower collaboratively and directly influenced methodology and survey design, sampling, analysis, and reporting, and was wholly responsible for programming, preparation of stimuli, quality assurance, fielding, data processing, and project management for a wide range of very high-profile legal disputes.

Experimental Designs

Highly controlled experimental designs with matched sub-samples, internally produced stimuli (images, animated simulations, and/or video), and behavioral measures.

Trademark Surveys

Commissioned by the American Bar Association, Dr. Jacoby wrote the book, Trademark Surveys I: Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Surveys (published 2013 by the American Bar Association).

Deceptive Advertising

Studies successfully conducted for leading firms.

Feature Valuation

Proprietary techniques have effectively documented the value (or lack of value) of features when $600,000,000+ at stake.

Multiple Data Collection Options

Online, telephone, and/or in-person interviewing.

Multiple Sample Sources

Representative-universe samples (B2C, B2B, medical specialty, etc.) are drawn from highly credible sample sources.

QA + Validation

Rigorous Quality Assurance (QA), independent coding and data processing, and third-party telephone validation.

Proprietary Engine

The phiPower survey engine is highly reliable and secure, accommodating each survey’s needs; refined User Interface (UI) provides respondent comprehension and engagement with industry-leading completion rates.


Nationally Representative

Phi can set stringent quotas to match the census or sales targets, issue invitations to match the distribution of the population, or set distribution quotas on the respondents who start a survey and allow the distribution of those who qualify to fill naturally.

Low Non-Sampling + High Completion

By presenting short and engaging surveys that include visuals and no waiting, busy respondents are willing to take Phi surveys (reducing non-sampling error), and industry-leading completion rates (typically 95-98% of qualified respondents finish Phi surveys).


Recruit from best-of-breed sample sources, respondents who have opted-in and are confirmed as qualified professionals or patients.

B2C, B2B Segmentation + Niche

Sample and fill samples from the correct universe; trap questions reject “pros,” “careless speeders,” and unqualified respondents.


Conduct interviews (online, telephone, and/or in-person) in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Multiple Languages

Quantitative and/or qualitative (in-depth) research with target segments and communities; full 360 translation available in all major languages.

Kids to Seniors

COPPA compliant — with the permission and help of parents, effectively interview children as young as 3; complete interviews with seniors (e.g., AARP members); in-person interviewing if need to reach respondents who are not online at home or work.

Prospects + Customers

Representative samples of current subscribers / customers / visitors, and corresponding prospects.


PhiPower surveys can combine multiple sample sources (e.g., multiple panels, or a blend of registered subscribers and non-subscribers from a panel).

Digital Fingerprinting

Without violating PhiPower’s highly respectful privacy policy (Phi does not “cookie” respondents or use hidden gifs), Phi’s proprietary passive digital fingerprinting is superior to the security used by panel providers; it spots “professionals” who have “gamed” the system trying to take a survey more than once.


At no expense to clients, Phi over-samples each cell to accommodate data cleaning; real-time LoadBalancing creates sub-samples that are matched on multiple dimensions (e.g., age, gender, region, and usage).

Recontact + Validate

Recontact interviews (married to original responses) can provide quasi behavioral measures (e.g., look at the original answers of those who bought/visited/watched vs. those who did not); telephone validation provides additional credibility and confidence.


Financial Services

Test advertising, direct mail, websites, brochures, new concepts/services, etc. with the appropriate target universe.

Communication + PR

Better understand “what” your audience currently believes, and, before going public, rapidly gain insights about how your planned communication is apt to influence opinions and attitudes; identify which campaign is apt to be the most effective; honest tracking research.

Consulting Services

PhiPower takes pride in providing honest and guidance, with perspective, and recommendations that are backed by facts and creativity; Phi also works in the background to supports others who provide consulting services.

Farming + Agriculture

Conduct specialized surveys to qualified respondents in the farming and agricultural industries.

Food + Beverage

Support includes pre-testing and optimization of menus; name and logo testing; tracking and competitive research; geo-targeted samples.

Health + Wellness

PhiPower supports industry leaders developing, distributing, and marketing a wide array of products that promote health, wellness, and beauty.


Phi is experienced conducting highly controlled surveys with physicians, healthcare professionals, and patients; using best-of-breed and industry-vetted sample sources, only qualified respondents are included in the final sample.

Human Resources

Your HR research reaches all levels of your organization, and should accurately reflect your organization; Phi respectfully understands time constraints; surveys are brief, secure, and tailored to the needs of your organization.

Political Initiatives

Track awareness and support levels for key initiatives, such as the Affordable Care Act; identify what the overall population, and segments, really consider important; monadically test messaging to determine which is the most effective.


Retailer support includes optimization research (advertising, fliers, in-store displays, fact-tags); segmentation, consumer insights, and tracking studies; competitive research; recontacts to marry attitudinal and quasi-behavioral measures.

Software + Gaming

PhiPower’s flexible, dynamic, highly interactive survey engine allows developers to pre-test designs, content, and apps before they are programmed or brought to the marketplace; research is typically diagnostic, to help optimize software, but it can also provide overall quantitative evaluations, and qualitative insights; going beyond tiny labs, UI testing can be conducted rapidly with large, representative samples.

Travel + Recreation

Pre-test and optimize advertising and Direct Mail; gain insights about decisionmakers (e.g., long-range planners vs. impulse buyers); segmentation studies to better understand niches.

Types of Research

Concept + Innovation

Support innovation and new product and service development via a blend of qualitative and quantitative research; techniques include monadic experimental designs, HighLitedReading™ reading (text with narration), GuidedTours™ (images with animated callouts and narration to aid comprehension), filtered rankers with visual callouts, realistic simulations with behavioral tracking, and build-your-own exercises.

Pricing Research

Pricing research can be conducted through sophisticated choice modeling, via “clean” monadic tests, and in conjunction with positioning and optimization studies.

Feature Evaluation

Every product has multiple features, but which are the most important and deserve to be “front and center?” Present an array of features in random order, made clear with images and copy, get perceived importance for each one, and, of the important ones, have them ranked to identify those that stand out as the most important.

Program Testing and Media Research

From large (n=500+) and nationally representative samples (or matching sales demos), present to respondents, in the comfort and privacy of their own home, full-screen television programming; elicit reactions to overall pilots and episodes, characters, and storylines; gather insights for series maintenance, promotion, and scheduling.

Advertising Research

PhiPower is experienced conducting advertising research in all media (television – broadcast and pay; radio; mobile; online; print; outdoor, and direct mail); techniques are evaluative, diagnostic, and strategic; identify which approach is the most persuasive; reveal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Weaknesses (SWOT); provide qualitative “color” to better understand “why”.

Product + Hi-Tech

Present products so they are clearly understood; identify which features are key drivers (the most important that deserve to be prominent) and which can be down-played; most likely buyer segments and their respective motivations; most effective packaging; and most persuasive advertising; designs and prototypes can be presented while still in early stage of development; can be conducted in highly secure environments.

Logo + Name/ Title

Measure which logo or name has the most intrinsic appeal, and which is the best “fit” with your brand (whether a start-up or an established brand getting refreshed); consider getting a “clean” monadic reading in a competitive environment so benchmarked.

Product + Service Optimization

Learn about how to refine offerings by allowing prospects to “build-their-own” products or services using the components your organization is considering or already using; identify what your customers and clients value the most so those needs and appetites are best served.

Direct Mail Evaluation

Pre-test, monadically, Direct Mail material, fliers, and brochures online by introducing them via animated GuidedToursTM, and then providing high-resolution images that can be easily seen; ClickScreen can diagnostically identify particular strengths and weaknesses; recontacts can provide a quasi-behavioral measure (for example, to identify buyers and non-buyers) that can be married to original results to validate and reveal early predictors.

Website + UI Testing

Before launching a website, or before starting programming, pre-test designs and content; conduct “Where’s Waldo” exercises with timers to test UI; allow rapid comparisons so visitors can quickly express their preferences.

Page Hi-lighter

Whether for a printed page or a website page, it is important to find out exactly where respondents are responding positively or negatively to the many components that make up the page’s content. Our easy-to-use ClickScreen™ interface allows one, two, or even three clicks of any word, sentence, or graphic to find out how the respondent views that piece of content. PhiPower has effectively assisted the redesign of the most widely circulated magazines and newspapers in the world as well as important webpages.

Video Evaluation

Either via separation of the video into discreet snippets or via total free form clicking, a video can be evaluated along any metric to gather time stamped respondent feedback. Useful for determining where interest is being lost or engagement is being acquired.

Responsive Customer Satisfaction Studies RCSS

An Economical Retention Tool

If you have a responsive Customer Service Department that can jump into action to take care of unhappy customers who may be on the verge of dismissing your company (or may be about to post a bad review), PhiPower’s Responsive Customer Satisfaction Studies (RCSS) allow customers to submit a quick feedback survey.


Whenever they wish, they may submit using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

QR Code

They may access by a dedicated URL or QR code set up by PhiPower.

Two Minute Survey

They very quickly rate their experience on a 1-to-10 scale, explain their experience in their own words (with a probe to go deeper), and answer a couple of questions to better classify their experience and indicate where it happened.

Secure Email

If they registered a dissatisfied rating and provide permission to be recontacted, entering their contact information (first name and email address or phone number), their rating, sentiments, and contact information are immediately sent to your Customer Service representatives or designate via secure email.

Simple Low-Cost Business Model

$1,500 to set up (a one-time fee), $50 per month (which may be cancelled at any time), and $1 for each alert, i.e., each time a customer is dissatisfied, provides permission to be recontacted and his or her information transmitted via secure email.

Optional Monthly Tracking

Optionally, RCSS studies can also be used to do monthly tracking of customer satisfaction, and net promoter scores.