Commitment to Understanding

You deserve better research. That means the intensity, richness, involvement, and throughness of your research needs to evolve to meet the new challenges of your business. Dedicated to preserving the integrity of your primary research, PhiPower strives to capture data in new ways, identify and bring to life implications in your data, and more persuasively communicate a clearer course of action for your business.

“They provide full service market research support from inception of the right design solution to test our concept through to implementation, and final report analysis. The pedigree of the professional staff skillfully guided the necessary steps to develop meaningful research survey content, establish protocol procedures for an integrated global market IT access, and provided immediate problem-solving strategies to ensure the smooth outcome of our real-time on-line survey.”

Terry Grabow

“Because my research is proffered as evidence in litigated matters, attention to detail and adherence to strict standards are particularly important. I find Phi Power to be totally professional, incredibly attentive to my needs (and in some cases, even helping me define or re-define my needs) and always available when I need you. It is a pleasure working with you folks and I’m looking forward to a long and mutually satisfying collaborative relationship.”

Jacob Jacoby

“We were very pleased working with Phi Power. They combine innovative online techniques with a user-friendly, engaging interface, and the Phi Power team was a valuable partner. They were flexible in adapting to our changing needs, and produced insightful analysis and actionable recommendations.”

Rob Steinberg

“Phi Power is an impressive team that I will certainly work with in the future. They hit the ground running on very short notice. They delivered thorough, insightful results on an almost-impossible timeline. Their anticipation, follow-up and concern for client satisfaction was there every step of the way.”

Anne Faricy

“I think you guys do awesome work…”

Suzy O’Donnell