Commitment to Understanding

You deserve better research. That means the intensity, richness, involvement, and throughness of your research needs to evolve to meet the new challenges of your business. Dedicated to preserving the integrity of your primary research, PhiPower strives to capture data in new ways, identify and bring to life implications in your data, and more persuasively communicate a clearer course of action for your business.

“Phi Power has consistently delivered just what I needed, on deadline and at a reasonable cost. They not only did an excellent job in carrying out my research plans but added a lot of value by helping to improve questionnaire design, wording, and structure, and adding their expert insights to the analysis of research results.”

Jo Holz, Ph.D.

“ is a critical component of our multiplatform strategy. From project inception through to the final presentation, the Phi Power team delivered the research guidance that we needed. The surveying techniques used were cutting edge and results were presented in a strategically useful way. Phi Power was the right partner for this endeavor.”

Jim Multari

“Phi Power conducted some very smart reader-preference research during our recent redesign process that proved quite useful in some of our key design decisions.”

Jim Pensiero

“They worked closely with us to develop the right research methodology for the project, and then with us to go beyond the results to the meaning behind them. I was especially impressed with the report – it delivered a clear understanding of our results and how we should use them. I didn’t have to change a word before presenting it to our team.”

Erica Dinger