Commitment to Understanding

You deserve better research. That means the intensity, richness, involvement, and throughness of your research needs to evolve to meet the new challenges of your business. Dedicated to preserving the integrity of your primary research, PhiPower strives to capture data in new ways, identify and bring to life implications in your data, and more persuasively communicate a clearer course of action for your business.

No More Boring Surveys

PhiPower transforms surveys into engaging, interactive experiences that can integrate rich media and animation to vividly present organizations, content, products, and services.

Custom Research Designs

PhiPower collaborates with you to design well-defined research and survey strategies. Phi´s experiential instruments and advanced methodology support industry leaders in many fields.

Full-Service Support

As a full-service firm, PhiPower takes on the heavy lifting, remaining proactive to ensure the highest standards of quality.

We believe we are the best at what we do and will prove it to you.

More Immersive Research

Research that is vivid, engaging, and empowering – tailored to your business and target customer.

Your Organization deserves the best...

  • Research that is vivid, engaging, and empowering – tailored to your business and target customer.
  • Research that is easier, faster, and yet higher quality.
  • Phi Power quickly delivers reports with clearer results, more relevant insights, and actionable recommendations that can be game changing.
  • With Phi Power, inspired understanding can ripple through your organization.

We Start With a Blank Canvas

Phi Power’s technique is specifically designed to cultivate and then leverage the creative breakthroughs that come from collaborating with you and your research objectives.


Phi reports take a stance — if there is evidence that the results are strong, moderate, weak, or inconclusive, we say so, and we also convey confidence levels; particularly with new offerings, Phi is careful to maintain a nurturing environment, working closely with development and creative teams to overcome initial issues and bolster strengths.


Walk through the decision process, and learn, step by step, what customers prefer; with these early insights, development can be streamlined. Monadic testing, “the gold standard” that holds up in court, can also identify the best approach even if alternatives are very similar. PhiPower’s monadic studies create precisely matched sub-samples, rather than random assignment, thereby eliminating confounding variables and providing much greater precision.

Qualitative, Coding + Content Analysis

Better understand the “hows” and “whys” of people’s thoughts, capture the words that they use to describe topics of interest, and, when appropriate, quantify the themes using experienced coders and formal content analysis techniques.

Cleanest Samples

In addition to TrueSample®, RelevantID®, and Google Captcha used by our panel providers, PhiPower uses proprietary systems to spot duplicate survey takers (“dishonest pros”) who may get around protection by changing their IP.  With a policy of 10% over-sampling every quota cell at no additional cost to the client, problematic respondents are excluded while maintaining desired sample size.

Data Processing

Phi’s data processing experts regularly respond to the demanding needs of Ph.D.-level clients; detailed cross-tabulation reports are always available to clients with full significance testing; open-end coding is provided by trained and experienced coders; double coding is available.

Validate + Recontact

As done with Phi legal-support studies, conduct an online survey, and then recontact respondents by telephone; in addition to providing an additional layer of quality assurance, this can provide quasi-behavioral measures (those who followed through to buy or watch).